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Speed Studios provides superior computer upgrade services and performance computer builds in Hamilton Ohio and the surrounding areas. We build computers from the ground up - purchasing each component separately based  on the needs of the system. This provides new levels of speed, security, and most importantly the highest level of cost effective builds.

Did you know that when you buy a pre-built pc from any computer manufacturer you are paying for their overhead costs as well? This includes paying their CEO's paid vacations and salary bonuses, their shipping companies costs and high gas prices. Not to mention the store that they sell to that add in their own profit for their overhead costs.

This is all fine for your rich aunt and uncle - but you have the option to take a smarter and more informed route. Share this information with whom ever you like - or tell no one. But realize that like that mattress commercial says - when you cut out the middle man (or middle men/women/gas prices) that you lower your overall cost. Our goal is to take this a step further by realizing what you want out of your computer you can further lower your cost by down-grading what you wont use much, and upgrading what you will use the most.

For the same price that you buy a new computer for in a store - you can have an all around higher quality systems (with most likely more quality name brand components) for the same or even a cheaper price.

Speed Studios promise to you is that you will only pay for the service of picking out the right parts for the build or upgrade and the quick time to assemble them - not for the overhead of mega computer manufacturers that continue to outsource more and more of their work.

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Our goal is to provide the most inexpensive computer performance builds or pc upgrades in Hamilton Ohio. We enjoy the work and our extensive experience in this field allows us to offer you the most professional and most inexpensive computer repair service available.

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